Medical marijuana industry expected to bring new jobs to Arkansas

A one-man testing lab in Greenbrier is poised to add up to seven employees, spend more than $1 million on equipment and buy several vehicles to capitalize on the coming sale of medical marijuana in Arkansas.

Kyle Felling, the owner of F.A.S.T. Laboratories, is one part of a burgeoning medical marijuana industry that's expected to create hundreds of jobs in Arkansas, according to industry experts and representatives.

"It's for medical use. Typically, the people will be immuno-compromised in some way or they've got some ailment going on, so you've got to make sure that it's safe for people to consume," Felling said of the marijuana. "That's where the laboratory comes in and my company comes in."

In-state dispensaries and cultivation facilities are expected to provide the bulk of the jobs. However, other services, like lab testing, are essential for the medical marijuana market to function.

Storm Nolan, president of the...

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