Medical cannabis growers say education key to improving relationships with city landlords

The gentle hum of whirring fans and the unmistakable smell of fresh cannabis drift through a garage at the back of a house on a quiet Calgary street.

It's legal but the woman behind the small-scale grow is keeping things under wraps. She's new here, on a month-to-month lease and — like many licensed home growers — she's worried about the consequences of her landlord finding out.

"It can be pretty scary. What if everybody finds out?," she said. CBC isn't using her name.

Three years ago she was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia and told she has a tumour on her spinal cord, leaving her with nerve pain and unable to work. She's one of many Canadians who turned to growing their own cannabis for relief.

Cannabis plants

A special grow tent houses four cannabis plants being grown legally but without the landlord's knowledge. (Dan McGarvey/CBC)

"We need to take the...

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