Call to decriminalise marijuana in the Bahamas

A handful of young Bahamians are hoping to turn their social media traction into a political movement for the decriminalisation of marijuana.

Marijuana Bahamas spokesperson Renaldo Cartwright told The Tribune his group hopes to overcome the local stigma surrounding the illegal drug to allow for informed debate over potential economic, social and medical benefits.

Mr Cartwright, 23, stressed the group’s aim was not to promote drug use but lobby for a modern approach to shifting global attitudes.

The group is looking to launch a public relations campaign to raise awareness, and plans to host a march early next year.

“When I started researching the reasons why it was illegal,” he said, “and the health and social benefits of the drug as compared to alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, I was like let me see how Bahamians feel about the issue.

“I put up the group in December 2016, there were...

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