New Research Shows CBD Inhibits Opioid Reward, Could Help Ease Overdose Crisis

Two recent studies indicate that CBD could be a valuable tool for fighting the opioid epidemic.

Federal health minister Jane Philpott has described the opioid epidemic as the “greatest public health crisis we face in Canada.” One new study suggests cannabis could be effective in treating opioid addiction through substitution therapy, while another recent study links CBD to the inhibition of opioid rewards in the brain.

In 2016, a public health emergency was declared in British Columbia due to the alarming rate of drug overdose deaths stemming from widespread overuse of prescription opioid painkillers, and an influx of illicit narcotics laced with deadly fentanyl and carfentanil.

CBD as a substitute for opiates

A new study published in the Harm Reduction Journal examines a variety of established research on cannabis as a substitution therapy in the treatment of opioid addiction, and, based on the findings, suggests policy recommendations including the implementation...

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