Bill to legalize marijuana remains in limbo

It’s been roughly six months since U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions made national headlines when he told reporters that the Justice Department would adopt “responsible policies” to enforce the federal government’s prohibition on pot.

Sessions’ statement, coupled with similar comments from the White House, signaled a sweeping crackdown on states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. In the months since, however, no official action has been taken.

Threats of the potential crackdown prompted Gov. Eddie Calvo and his administration to step back from Calvo's own proposed bill, to legalize the drug for recreation use by adults.

“Some of the strong statements put out by the federal government, particularly Jeff Sessions, was some of my reasons for the pause,” Calvo said Tuesday, adding: “I want to keep abreast as to what’s happening on the federal level because one of the things I don’t want to do is step into something and...

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