Without Banks, Lawmaker Calls AR Medical Marijuana Business Wild, Wild West

Future medical marijuana growers and sellers in the Natural State can't take their money to the bank, for now, that is.

After doing his homework, the state lawmaker who crafted the new cannabis laws has learned more money, more problems when it comes to doing business without banking assistance. 

"Other states in the earlier times when they started off had a huge cash flow in their economy," said Rep. Doug House, R-North Little Rock. "Warehouses full of cash, people having to pay all of their bills with cash, armored trucks backing up to courthouses to pay taxes. You've got to have a place to take this cash, get it off the streets."

Without banks, Rep. House found other states with medical marijuana programs faced further issues: extortion, corruption, robberies, even murders. 

"It affects all of us," House said. "I mean, think back to the Old West days when everything was cash and...

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