The EPA Won't Regulate Harmful Pesticides in Marijuana Crops

The Environmental Protection Agency is in charge of regulating pesticides and other chemicals used on agricultural products. But it turns out there's one crop that they don't care if it's poisoned: Marijuana.

Since it is illegal at the federal level, the EPA does not regulate the use of pesticides and other chemicals on marijuana plants. In June, a prominent pesticide manufacturer even tried to get some of their products approved by the agency, but they were rejected. Not only is the legality of marijuana a problem, but the EPA's also lost much of its power and authority under President Trump as deregulation has become a major theme for the administration. Therefore it is left up to the states themselves to test and regulate those chemicals.

Unfortunately, many states either have lackluster or no regulation whatsoever of marijuana pesticides. For instance, California has allowed medicinal marijuana for over 20 years but...

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