Cannabis Remains Albania's Hit Export

Following the media-friendly operations against Albania's cannabis farmers, the country developed into the continent’s largest cannabis producer. Read more about it here. 

Since the last parliamentary elections in Albania, which were won by the incumbent socialist government led by Prime Minister Rama, the Balkan country’s accession to the EU is on the agenda again. In this respect, cannabis is always a hot item as Albania has developed into Europe’s largest producer of cannabis over the past decade.

Cannabis is an important source of income for Albania

As a result of the  media-friendly police operation almost 2 years ago in the small town of Lazarat, where the majority of Albanian cannabis was grown until 2014, the cultivation and trade in cannabis have spread. A few days before the EU was to decide on Albania’s status as an accession candidate, the army entered the mountain village of Lazarat. What ensued was a three-day...

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