In Spain, experts are presenting their proposal for regulating cannabis

In Spain, a group of drugs experts have established the GEPCA, a body which seeks to set up a comprehensive regulation for cannabis. This model already has the support of much of Spain’s cannabis movement and is set to make history. Find out more about this proposal.

The GEPCA is a group of experts set up in 2014 and tasked with devising a proposal for regulating cannabis in Spain. On 20 June they presented their model, which seeks to bring together the rights of individual users and non-users, and protect the most vulnerable groups. It also aims to reduce risks linked with consumption. In this article, we will discuss who they are and what they are offering in this historic proposal.

The GEPCA (Task Force on Cannabis Policies), arose from the Informal Dialogue on Cannabis Policies, a meeting of experts and civil society organised in 2014 by the Dutch think-thank...

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