Maine Department of Labor Advises Employers to Stop Testing Employees for Cannabis

The Maine Department of Labor has advised most employers in the state not to test job applicants for marijuana use. It is currently illegal for employers to reject applicants who test positive for cannabis, because they may be legally using marijuana for medical reasons. Now that recreational use is legal in the state, employers can no longer fire an employee who tests positive for marijuana use, and must instead prove that they were impaired while at work.

 Most other canna-legal states side with employers over employees in cannabis-use cases, and Maine's labor department is arguing that the balance should shift back to the employers. “Our laws are an outlier,” said Julie Rabinowitz, the labor department’s director of policy, operations and communications.

 “If the Legislature does not take action to provide clear, consistent, easy to follow regulations, Maine risks more employers leaving the state. Let’s stop thinking of drug testing...

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