Pot Entrepreneurs Court Texas Investors in Cannabis 'Green Rush'

It was California-based Arcview Group’s 24th cannabis industry investor pitch forum, and the business plans promised dazzling returns investing in everything from seed and soil to smoke, vapor, edibles and oils.

Mason Levy of WeGrow, a Boulder, Colorado-based startup aimed at the home and community-garden cannabis grower, was trying to sell investors on Elle, a “conversational grow bot.”

Michael Bologna of Denver-based Green Lion Partners was hawking a “dipper” with atomizer attachments for inhaling cannabis vapor. “Dipstick Vapes is dedicated to raising the standard of excellence for the consumer experience in the cannabis industry,” Bologna told investors. “We saw an opportunity in the dipper for a device that we could dab with, but also could leave it on our counters or our coffee table, put it in our laptop bags and not feel like you’re setting up an elaborate lab experiment or huddled over a crack pipe.”

Matt Wilson, of the...

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