Marijuana shop promises free weed to cleanup the city of Gardiner

Some are calling his methods controversial, but Dennis Meehan says the community is reaping high rewards. Literally.

Meehan discussed the success of a recent social media campaign in which he promised free cannabis to anyone 21 and over who donated their time to a community cleanup project over the weekend.

Meehan and his wife are caregivers and owners of the Summit Medical Marijuana shop in Gardiner.

On Monday, he posted on the company's Facebook page promising up to 2 grams of free cannabis for filling up trash bags with garbage collected around the city Saturday.

He says by Friday the post had been shared hundreds of times and had tens of thousands of views.

Meehan says he never imagined how far the post would reach and even worried about being to supply the demand.

"The night before I was up all night putting together the bags. I hardly slept. We...

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