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Uruguay's Capital Sells Out of Marijuana After 1 Day

Pharmacies in the Uruguay’s capital Montevideo have run out of cannabis stock just one day after it was fully legalized in the country.

The four pharmacies licensed to sell marijuana ran out of stock three hours before closing time on Wednesday.

Pharmacy owners in the capital have already asked for more supply from the Uruguayan Institute of Cannabis Regulation and Control and can expect a delivery within 15 days.

Sixty percent of registered cannabis users are in Montevideo.

In other parts of the country, legal marijuana is also selling quickly. A government source told Nodal that departments with only one pharmacy have seen “a very good pace of sales and it is likely that places like Flores or Artigas will also sell out.”

Uruguay began selling cannabis directly to consumers Wednesday, making it the first in the world to legalize the entire process of marijuana production...

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