Clinical Study on CBD Chewing Gum for Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome Begins Soon

AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. (AXIM Biotech) (OTC:AXIM), a world leader in cannabinoid research and development, today announced that it has entered into a Services Agreement with an Israel-based contract research organization (CRO) to begin a clinical proof of concept study (POC) with its cannabidiol (CBD) and Gabapentin chewing gum product to treat restless leg syndrome (RLS) in patients.

The PK and double blind, randomized, single-center phase 2 trial, which will be conducted in Israel by the CRO, will demonstrate the efficacy of AXIM’s chewing gum product composed of Gabapentin and CBD on around 30 study participants to treat RLS.

“We are excited to be able to contract with an Israeli CRO to conduct a pre- and a clinical proof-of-concept study for this unmet medical need condition. Israel is in the forefront of clinical cannabinoid research and we are thankful for having this opportunity. RLS is...

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