Reefer Riches: What Minnesota could learn about recreational marijuana

It was November 2012, and the good people of Colorado were about to buck their leaders. A grand total of two Colorado legislators supported a constitutional amendment to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

The people paid the detractors no mind. The vote wasn’t even close.

Soon, Washington voters passed a similar measure, with Alaska and Oregon poised to follow.

The usual suspects harrumphed and wailed, promising chaos, crime, and social decay.

Children’s brains would be arrested by fog—if they didn’t die first by fiery car crash. 

Business groups warned that workers would lose all will to produce, then sue for being fired.


Eight states passed marijuana laws in 2016. Nevada, which kicked off recreational sales on July 1, has seen weed shortages ever since due to high demand. Associated Press/John Locher

Police argued

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