An abandoned Pepsi factory is being turned into a massive marijuana grow

A former Pepsi factory that sat vacant for a decade is being reincarnated as an indoor marijuana grow — one of the largest in the pot-friendly state of Colorado.

Doyen Elements, a holding company that leases real estate properties out to legal cannabis companies, bought an old bottling plant in Pueblo County. Upon completion in 2019, the facility could potentially produce up to 70,000 pounds of marijuana flower a year.

According to a recent report in Forbes, the company is one of a growing number of real estate investment firms that are making money in legal weed without actually touching the plant.

Here's a sneak peak at the massive grow-op coming to Colorado in 2018.

For many years, the 104,000-square-foot plant at 1900 South Freeway was used for bottling Pepsi products. But the soda company — like the steel industry — left Pueblo County.

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