Guam Medicinal Marijuana Bill Signed into Law

Efforts to help businesses get established so they could ultimately sell marijuana for medical purposes took a step forward with the signing of a new law.

Bill 69-34, which became Public Law 34-24, is another effort toward allowing Guam's medical marijuana program to be implemented by providing the Department of Revenue and Taxation with provisions to issue business licenses for medical marijuana cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries and laboratory testing services. It passed the legislature unanimously.

While Guam voters legalized medical marijuana in 2014 under the Joaquin "KC" Conception II Compassionate Cannabis Use Act of 2013, those who may qualify to use medical marijuana are still unable to legally gain access to the drug as local government agencies still lack the proper rules, regulations and facilities to provide medical marijuana to authorized patients.

Qualifying patients are still without a means to access treatment, in part because a laboratory for testing the medical...

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