Patient advocates call for equal access to medical marijuana dispensaries

With just 60 proposed medical marijuana dispensaries for Ohio’s 88 counties, prospective patients worry that not all Ohioans will have equal access to the medicine they need.

Patient rights advocacy groups like the Ohio Rights Group and the Ohio Patient Network fear that the current proposal will leave some patients traveling long distances outside of the counties they live in.

“Having access to this medicine is a life and death situation,” said Ohio Rights Group President Emeritus John Pardee. “This is not about getting high.”

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program has until September to submit the final rules.

Paraplegic patients like Richmond Heights veteran Ron Hudson said they worry about traveling long distances.

“To think that a patient that doesn’t have very great mobility has to go over a couple of counties maybe over an hour drive or more,” Hudson said. “I need something fairly close.”

The concerns were amplified...

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