Israeli Study Shows Medical Cannabis Can Treat Autism In Children

An Israeli study currently underway is finding that medical cannabis can be used to treat the symptoms of autism in children and adults.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in 2012, one in every 68 children(1.5 percent) in the United States were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). They also found that the condition affects every race, gender, and socioeconomic group.

The disorder is often diagnosed when the child is around the age of two, when they demonstrate impaired social skills and communication abilities along with compulsive behaviors. Meanwhile, the costs of medical care, special education, and lost parental productivity weighs on the families; the annual total costs in the United States for children with ASD is estimated to be between about $11.5 billion and $60.9 billion.

Dr. Adi Aran, an Israel neurologist, may be able to offer the families some reprieve.

Dr. Aran is the Director of...

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