Curtis Blaydes: Texas commission holding on to 'archaic' marijuana rules 'for dear life'

Curtis Blaydes should be 2-1 in the UFC, at least according to USADA guidelines.

In a division badly lacking new blood, the 26-year-old heavyweight established himself as a prospect to watch earlier this year when he scored two brutal victories over Cody East and Adam Milstead over a four-month span. The victory over Milstead, in particular, was vicious — Blaydes, a former collegiate wrestler, rag-dolled Milstead around the canvas at UFC Fight Night 104 in Houston before badly injuring Milstead’s right leg to earn a second-round TKO.

But less than two months later, that performance vanished into thin air.

Due to drug testing standards deemed outdated by nearly every major state commission except Texas, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) ruled that Blaydes, along with Niko Price and Abel Trujillo, tested positive for marijuana in-competition at the event. The TDLR fined the...

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