Patients fear medical marijuana card could cost them their social security benefits

Some Arkansans still fear getting a medical marijuana I.D. card could impact their social security benefits. Arkansas is accepting applications for medical marijuana for patients, growers, and distributors. But how will the program work? How will the program affect social security benefits?

Chronic pain has taken a toll on Darlene Williams. "I have knots in my neck and it goes up to my head. I get bad migraines and I have peripheral neuropathy which means my arms and my legs hurt, my feet burn," she said.

Williams has had multiple surgeries over the years and takes five medications daily. While she found a doctor to prescribe medical marijuana to ease her pain, Williams is worried her social security disability benefits will be affected if she became a cardholder. “I'm afraid they're going to cut me off," Williams explained.

Laree Treece is Williams sister-in-law. Treece shared the same concern, as she plans...

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