Once a medical-marijuana refugee, Addyson Benton has come back to Ohio

Addyson Benton has come home.

To celebrate, her parents Heather and Adam Benton threw a bash June 17 for Addyson’s sixth birthday at EnterTrainment Junction, with pizza, cake, presents, grandparents, relatives and friends. Addyson and a young pal walked hand in hand around the venue, with Addyson smiling and pointing at the lights and train sounds.

“She’s been the ultimate factor on every decision,” said Heather Benton, brushing a hand over her daughter’s hair. “Her well-being is the only thing that matters.”

Addyson suffers from myoclonic epilepsy, a severe neurological disorder that can trigger as many as 1,000 seizures a day. In Addyson, the disease resisted conventional treatment. From other Ohio families with children who have epilepsy, the Bentons learned that marijuana products such as patches and oils has been shown to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures.

Addyson Benton laughs with her dad, Adam, during her...

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