Ohio officials say fentanyl is being mixed with marijuana

It appears the deadly synthetic opiate fentanyl is now being mixed with marijuana in some Ohio communities – sparking some concern that this dangerous trend could soon spread across more of the United States.

What started out as a rumor last week on social media networks has been confirmed as gospel. Hamilton County Coroner Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco said during a recent press conference with Senator Rob Portman that she has seen some cases in which fentanyl, a hardcore painkiller with a potency up to 100 times greater than morphine, has been mixed with marijuana.

“We have seen fentanyl mixed with cocaine, we have also seen fentanyl mixed with marijuana,” Sammarco said.

So far, this year, Sammarco has documented nearly 300 deaths brought on by opioid overdoses. However, she could not confirm how many of those cases involved marijuana laced with a synthetic opioid. But she warms that even the...

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