Madrid MMM2017: Sowing Change

For 21 years, The Madrid Global Marihuana March has been filling the streets of the city with pleasant smoke and more tangible and urgent demands. A good atmosphere where people ask and hope for change that is now felt imminent. 

Each year, for the past twenty-one years, the Global Marihuana March (abbreviated to MMM2017 in Spanish) brought thousands of people into the streets of Madrid, mixing celebration and people’s demands. Different currents from the cannabis movement tried to convey unity and demanded legal change, in a moment when many regulation processes are in abundance, and it seems as though no one wants to be left out of the picture.

As many other cities in the world, every year Madrid hosts the Global Marihuana March (MMM). This year’s motto was “Sow Change. Grow your rights.” The march was convened by AMEC, the Madrid association which organized it the first time,  FAC,...

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