Regulate RI proposes marijuana legalization compromise; speaker’s office says too late this session

Regulate Rhode Island and their legislative allies proposed “incremental legalization” as a compromise for marijuana legalization. But, within minutes Speaker of the House Nick Mattiello's office said legalization legislation is dead for the session and that Mattiello was supporting the study commission bill.

"The Speaker is committed to HB 5551, which has passed the committee on House Judiciary. It passed on on Tuesday night and will be brought to floor this week -- he'll vote for that, which creates now a 22 member committee to review all aspects to what legalization would entail," Larry Berman, spokesperson for Mattiello told GoLocal. "We haven't seen the compromise.  It's the 11th hour."

“We are prepared to compromise in a significant way, but there must be progress on the issue this year. Our proposal balances the will of the majority of voters who want marijuana to be legal for adults while respecting colleagues...

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