Could bill to expand medical research of marijuana hurt NC's pilot hemp program?

One of North Carolina's two U.S. senators has joined the call for expansion of research into the medical benefits of marijuana.

Sen. Thom Tllis (R-N.C.) is co-sponsoring a bill that would reclassify a derivative of the plant -- CBD. Tillis said that would remove unnecessary barriers to studying the potential benefits and risks.

"Cannabidiol is currently a controlled substance," Tillis said in a statement. "This bill would reassess that categorization and expand research into the potential medical benefits of marijuana components."

But not everyone is pleased with the bill.

Several local farmers have joined North Carolina's industrial hemp pilot program. They believe the Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act is nothing more than bad medicine.

One of the many active compounds of cannabis sativa, the marijuana plant, is CBD. It is not the THC that gets you high. Low levels of CBD exist in the industrial hemp being test-grown at places like...

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