Canary Islands Request Cannabis Regulation

The Parliament of the Canary Islands has asked the Spanish central government and the Cortes to regulate cannabis use, “from the perspective that it is a product that carries risks to health.”  Only the conservative PP, Paritdo Popular, opposed the request.

The non-legal proposal, jointly promoted by the Canarian Coalition , PSOE, Podemos and ASG, also argues that as long as there is no state regulation, cannabis clubs and associations in the Canary Islands establish de facto mechanisms for self-regulation, good practice and collaboration with the administration .

The proponent groups argue that the use of cannabis should be addressed not only for its therapeutic effects, but also that it must be regarded as a substance that is consumed socially and therefore its use should not be stigmatized, since no ban helps reduce use.

The deputy of the Can Maria del Río considers it essential that not only consumption, but also its cultivation,...

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