Canadian Cannabis Company Starts Exporting To Cayman Islands

The Canadian based medical cannabis company - CanniMed Thera-peutics - exported its first international shipment of cannabis oil to the Cayman Islands, as a way of testing the territory's potential as an export market.

The company exported its first international shipment of cannabis oils this month, including 12,960 millilitres to a pharmacy here.

The shipment makes Canada the second country, after Jamaica, to export cannabis oils to Cayman since the product was legalised here last October.

While the Legislative Assem-bly legalised the oils for medicinal purposes, it did not approve local production, requiring legally viable product to come from abroad.

First Shipment

The Cayman Compass reports that the Foster's Food Fair-IGA pharmacy received its first shipment of the oils from Jamaica last month but in limited quantity for one patient.

According to pharmacist Michael Anderson, they are now hoping to establish stock from Canada and will reserve Jamaica's more potent product...

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