Harvest of AZ takes a different approach to medical marijuana

The absence of the usual signals — a lighted green cross or a bright green leaf with the distinctive spikey leaves — is not a coincidence. It’s truly by design.

It was a deliberate decision Harvest of AZ CEO Steve White and his business partners made when coming up with the model for their medical marijuana dispensary in 2010.

“We are a medical facility, and it’s important that it be reflected in everything we do,” said White, a business-litigation attorney who traded in court appearances for an entrepreneur role in Arizona’s growing medical-cannabis industry. “The design is to be an extension of our business principles.”

A color scheme that boasts a mix of pale oak and dark wood fixtures, bright yellow walls and ample lighting to show off sleek shelving and pristine floors exudes a vibe indicative of a hip juice bar or health food store rather than preconceived notions of...

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