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Swiss Group Launches New Initiative to Legalize Cannabis

The Swiss public could have another chance to decide if cannabis consumption should be legalized after the group Legalize It launched a popular initiative to that effect last week.

Cannabis is illegal in Switzerland though the law was relaxed in 2013. Instead of facing criminal proceedings, adults caught with ten grams or less of pot can be subjected to a 100-franc spot fine, though that is enforced to varying degrees across the country. 

Quoting figures from the federal statistics office Tages Anzeiger said some 19,000 fines were issued in 2016. While 4,286 were issued in Zurich, Bern only dished out 203. 

Legalize It has long campaigned to legalize the drug but all previous attempts have failed.

This new popular initiative proposes cannabis consumption and production for personal use should be made legal – except for minors – and that its sale should be regulated and taxed by the government,...

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