Iowa legislature poised to approve broader medical marijuana law

Early this morning, legislators announced an agreement to expand Iowa’s soon-to-expire law that merely decriminalized possession of cannabis oil for treatment of chronic epilepsy.

“There are sick Iowans out there who need relief,” Representative Jarad Klein, a Republican from Keota, told reporters during a news conference on the House floor at around 3 a.m.

Klein has been the point person in House negotiations on the bill.

“I ran the original bill on the floor that got this to the kids that have intractable epilepsy. I have a constituent that suffers from that and I’ve heard the positive results,” Klein said. “That just reassured me of taking the next step.”

At 10 minutes past six this morning, the proposal won approval in the House on an 83-11 vote. The Senate voted on the plan shortly after 7 a.m. and it passed on a 26-14. The bill would let Iowa doctors prescribe cannabis oil to Iowans who suffer from...

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