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April is Cannabis Awareness Month

As the cannabis culture has taken a turn for the best and 4/20 isn’t just a day to celebrate getting high anymore, April is now officially Cannabis Awareness Month. Mind blown! What does this even mean? It means that all tokes of life can shed light on the many positive aspects of our dear friend, Mary Jane. Why should we love weed? Why shouldn’t we! Let’s take a HIGH-level look through heavy bloodshot eyes as to why dope is the dopest.

Fun Reefer Facts

  • The earliest written reference to cannabis dates back to 2727 B.C. China. Wait, so weed is older than Jesus? Speaking of old, the term ‘ganja’ is Sanskrit for Hemp. “Sanskrit. You’re majoring in a 5,000-year-old dead language?” (Yup, a PCU quote.)

cannabis awareness month

  • Eight states and the nation’s capital have legalized marijuana. On top of that,
  • ...
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