Ireland Could Be the next Cannabis Growing Capital of the World

The line-up for The Capital B this week is akin to a PG episode of narcos, it's got drugs, gold and computer hackers...

Speaking on JOE's business show Dr James Linden of Greenlight Medicines, said Ireland has the perfect climate to grow cannabis and he believes we have the potential to become the next cannabis growing capital of the world. Greenlight Medicines has so far raised €500k in funding from Irish investors  to research the potential effects of cannabis on diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and on chronic pain. Listen to the full interview with James Linden in the soundcloud link below, it's an eye-opener.

Also on The Capital B is the genius teenager programmer, Harry Moran, whose app outsold AngryBirds when he was just 13. Harry is facing a classic dilemma; should he drop out of school before the leaving cert, skip college life and lock himself into a...

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