Cannabis Company Designs Pain Patch For Fibromyalgia And Nerve Pain

As research progresses, we are coming to realize the phenomenal power of the cannabis plant. In years past, the study of this hardy “weed” has been limited due to its legal status in North America and much of the world.

Now that restrictions are lifting, science is freer to explore medical cannabis’ chemistry and implications for human health.

How Cannabis Works

Within cannabis phytochemistry is a group of over 85 compounds called cannabinoids. The human nervous and digestive systems contain endocannabinoid receptors and the body makes its own cannabinoids that are responsible for sleep, appetite, movement, and emotion. (1)

Terpenes form another family of compounds in cannabis that have also been indicated for the treatment of pain. Both cannabinoids and terpenes are anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Our bodies are made to metabolize these phytochemicals in cannabis.

The property of cannabis that became (an absurd) stigma is its psychoactivity and is...

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