Weed around the world: what legal marijuana looks like in other countries

Canada is on track to become the second country in the world to legalize the consumption and sale of recreational marijuana, after Uruguay made the big leap in 2014.

On Thursday, the Liberal government introduced its Cannabis Act, which allows people aged 18 and over to purchase and consume marijuana.

Much like alcohol, many of the nuts and bolts of legislation will be left to the provinces, who will be able to raise the minimum age if they so wish, and will be required to implement a retail system.

The Trudeau government also plans to punish people for driving under the influence of marijuana, selling it to minors and importing or exporting it without a government permit.

Here’s a look at some other countries that have either legalized, decriminalized or simply chosen to tolerate recreational marijuana.


In 2014, Uruguay became the first country to comprehensively legalize the production, sale and consumption...

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