AusCann Group Holdings Harvesting First Crop in Chile

Joint venture company DayaCann is currently harvesting in Chile.

AusCann Group Holdings (ASX:AC8) is in the process of harvesting its first medical cannabis crop located in Chile.

The crop was planted by the DayaCann joint venture, of which AusCann holds 50:50 with Fundacion Daya.

The large open greenhouse grown plants include various strains that have been selected for specific medical usage.

An estimated 300 kilograms of dried cannabis product from the harvest will be sent to a certified manufacturing facility for processing into medicinal cannabis formulations.

Elaine Darby, managing director, commented: “We’re delighted with the harvest of our first crop with our partner Fundacion Daya and we’re confident we have selected the strongest and most appropriate strains for effective medicine formulations and further cultivation in the next harvest.”

Next steps and local market opportunity

Of the strains harvested, four have been selected as superior strains...

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