Is This Fast-Acting “Cannabis Shot” the Future of Edibles?

“To me, we have the fastest way to get stoned on the market,” says Tony Alfiere, the inventor behind Quigley’s new short-release THC concoction.

All photos courtesy of Tony Alfiere and Quigley's Extracts

No matter how seasoned a cannabis veteran you might consider yourself to be, many of us have had at least one hellish experience with edibles. How could you forget that one time you gorged on your buddy’s space cookies and momentarily forgot how to read? That said, there are innumerable pros to consuming THC-infused food and beverages, from the health benefits (smoke-free lungs, snacks with healthy ingredients) to the creativity — just peep our edibles recipe column. But if you aren’t careful or dance with a mystery product, the high THC levels and intense psychoactive effects can turn a seemingly-harmless brownie into a purgatorial nightmare.

A main problem people face when it comes to edibles is that they...

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