States Push Marijuana Legalization Bills Despite Opposition from the Federal Government

Lawmakers in about two dozen states have proposed bills this year to ease their marijuana laws despite Attorney General Jeff Sessions' warning that he could crack down on pot, a major change from the Obama administration, which essentially turned a blind eye to the state legislation.

Bills have been introduced in 17 states this year to make recreational pot legal for adults, while five others are considering voter referendums on the issue. Sixteen states have introduced medical marijuana legislation, 10 are considering decriminalizing the drug and three are considering easing their penalties. An effort in Wyoming to decriminalize the drug failed this session.

“ Republican lawmakers are among those proposing and sponsoring the bills as their constituents' views about pot change. ”

Currently, eight states and the District have legalized small amounts of marijuana for adult recreational use. Twenty-eight states and the District allow medical marijuana use.

"State legislatures have...

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