Rhode Island: Council hears about recreational marijuana

As momentum to legalize recreational marijuana in Rhode Island builds, the town council held a special town meeting Tuesday to look at what can be expected should marijuana for recreational use become legal in the state. 

Joee Lindbeck, assistant attorney general, visited the town hall to share her insight into zoning for marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. 

“I will say this,” Lindbeck began, “your town has been a leader in this state about zoning ordinances of medical marijuana.”

Last year, the East Greenwich Town Council passed an ordinance which placed regulations on the use of medical marijuana. That ordinance requires that anyone wishing to open a compassion center in the town first obtain a special use permit—there are multiple tiers of marijuana facilities in Rhode Island, with compassion centers, or medical marijuana retail facilities, serving as the largest. 

Because East Greenwich has already addressed the use of medical...

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