South Carolina prosecutor contender at odds with feds over medical marijuana

The man widely regarded as the front-runner for South Carolina's top federal prosecutor job is a Republican state representative who gave early support to Donald Trump's campaign in this early voting state.

But Rep. Peter McCoy — whose name frequently circulates in legal circles as a likely top contender for the job, in part because of his Trump support — has introduced comprehensive medicinal cannabis legislation here, which appears to contradict his would-be boss' statements on drug policy. U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions has made no secret of his plans to take a hard line on drugs, reminding reporters just weeks after being sworn in that marijuana distribution remains a federal crime, regardless of what states may do to legalize it.

In the weeks since, Sessions has said he's reviewing Obama-era policies giving states flexibility in passing marijuana laws.

That stance, in contrast with Trump's campaign trail comments that were softer...

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