Marijuana to be legal in NFL? Pot could end up saving football

America’s longtime drug of choice could very well end up saving America’s longtime sport of choice.

The sport of football must find a solution (or solutions) to its concussion problem or risk becoming what boxing and horse racing are today — largely irrelevant despite a decades-long boom period in the United States.

More and more reports are saying that marijuana can — in a healthy way — help alleviate the pain that so many current and former football players experience. Not only can it help take away the pain from the daily nicks, bruises and bumps that players suffer from an opposing player’s helmet off the shin or a facemask in the forearm, it is also becoming increasingly clear that it can help treat CTE, a progressive degenerative disease in the brain caused by trauma.

Cannabidiol, one of over 100 chemical compounds founds in cannabis, is said to help stabilize...

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