Cayman Islands: Cannabis oil import permit approved

A Cayman Islands pharmacy says it has secured an import permit to bring cannabis oil to the territory for medicinal purposes.

It is believed to be the first such permission to be granted since cannabis oil extracts and tinctures were legalized late last year.

However, the export from Jamaica will still require approval from the Cannabis Licensing Authority in that country.

Despite approving amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Act to allow the drug to be prescribed for therapeutic purposes, several politicians, including Premier Alden McLaughlin, had highlighted practical concerns around importation.

Though cannabis is produced and used for medical purposes in multiple countries, its import and export are tightly regulated.

Michael Anderson, pharmacy manager at Foster’s Food Fair IGA, said he had sourced cannabis oil from a company in Jamaica. He said he has secured an import permit from Cayman Islands health officials and has started the process of...

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