Arizona marijuana researcher raises questions about Uncle Sam's stash

Even if you’ve never used it, medical marijuana has a pretty distinctive look and aroma. The exception, according to a Valley researcher, is the marijuana that’s federally authorized for medical trials.

Dr. Sue Sisley is conducting the first-ever federally approved study on the effects of cannabis on veterans suffering from PTSD. The Scottsdale physician spent six years fighting for approval and finally got a shipment of clinical-grade marijuana for testing last year.

But when she opened the packaging, she wasn't too happy.

“I, of course, was disappointed,” she said.

Not only did the cannabis not look and smell like marijuana available at dispensaries, it was significantly less potent. Sisley had asked the federal government for a supply of marijuana with a THC content of 12 percent.

“This is a phenotype that’s readily available in every retail store in Arizona or Colorado. It’s a common phenotype,” she said.

What she...

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