The Best Outdoor Cannabis Strains To Grow In Italy for 2017

Whether you're based in the North with only a tiny balcony cannabis garden in Milan or have a countryside haven in rural Sicily. We've got 5 amazing weed strains for the outdoor cannabis hobby grower in Italy to consider cropping in 2017.


The short answer is yes, absolutely. Moreover, Italy as a whole probably has the best-suited climate in all of Europe for outdoor cannabis cultivation.

It’s no secret that Italian food is some of the best in Europe, if not the world. What’s less well known outside of Italy is that some of the finest weed cropped in Europe is farmed in Southern Italy.

Ganja farming in the North of Italy is possible provided the grower gets his/her timing right and chooses suitable cannabis strains. With the right genetics and some luck with the weather impressive frosty harvests can be cropped before...

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