Legal Weed Is Revitalizing Huntington, Oregon Thanks to Out-of-State Visitors

Idaho license plates line the parking lots of Huntington's pot shops.

Idaho Governor Butch Otter hates weed. Not only is his state one of the last without any sort of medical or recreational marijuana program whatsoever, Otter has even recently gone on record urging Trump to pursue a federal crackdown on states with legal marijuana laws. But despite the governor’s disapproval, Idaho’s residents are getting their hands on the marijuana they want elsewhere, and it’s bringing much needed financial relief to one struggling Oregon town.

According to the Idaho Statesman, Huntington, Oregon has seen a significant uptick in the local economy since adding two retail marijuana stores to the town of 435 residents. Huntington is the closest town to the Idaho state line, and cannabis customers in the neighboring state have not been shy about their purchasing power, all to the benefit of struggling Huntington.

“A lot of times...

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