Medical marijuana proposed for West Virginia

 Bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate to legalized marijuana for medicinal use in West Virginia.

SB 386 and House Bill 2071 would authorize the use of pharmaceutical cannabis to treat certain medical conditions. In the Senate, Patricia Rucker, R-Jefferson, is one of 12 senators sponsoring the bill. In the House, three delegates have sponsored the bill.

The bill in the House states medicinal marijuana would be an appropriate medical treatment for a person diagnosed with cancer or a disease, disorder or condition in which use of the cannabis based pharmaceutical product alleviates symptoms such as seizures, severe and persistent muscle spasm, and no other satisfactory alternative treatment option exists for the patient.

Rucker said many voters asked her to support legalizing medicinal marijuana on the campaign trail, and her research led her to believe it could have benefits for those with certain diseases or conditions.


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