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Emblem to begin importing CBD from Uruguay

Starting as soon as 2018, some Canadian ACMPR patients may see CBD-based medicines become more affordable, thanks to an international relationship announced in a recent press release between Canada-based licensed producer, Emblem Cannabis Corp, and Uruguayan cannabis firm, ICC.

With the modern climate of legalization, and cannabis research becoming increasingly approachable, scientists continue to discover new information about how and why individual ingredients within cannabis can be used to effectively treat medical conditions. The most commonly known active ingredient within cannabis is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and though the ingredient CBD (cannabidol) is not a new discovery, it is rapidly growing in popularity among enthusiasts and medical patients alike.

While THC is the primary ingredient associated with the psychoactive “high” sought by recreational cannabis users, the effects of CBD are typically more physical, and although more subtle to the user than the effects of THC, they are especially noticeable in muscle sensitivity....

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