Wisconsin lawmakers take up cannabis oil seizure treatment bill

A bill to ensure anguished parents can get a child seizure treatment is finally moving forward in the Wisconsin Legislature.

Senators couldn't agree in the last legislative session on the proposal, which would have made it easier to get a drug that is derived from marijuana and used to treat children who suffer from severe seizures and have few other medical options.

The state took steps to provide very limited access to the drug three years ago but legal restrictions around it still dog families.

"It's disappointing that it's taken three years to get here," said Sally Schaeffer, whose daughter Lydia died in 2014. "But I'm hopeful that this is a start to getting the treatment for people who need it and want it."

The legislation passed the Assembly two years ago but was successfully blocked in the Senate by three GOP senators. But last month the measure passed the Senate, 31-1,...

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