eBottles.com Announces Award of US Design Patent D781151

eBottles.com a leading online supplier of glass and plastic containers announced today that it has been granted design patent D781151 by the US Patent and Trademark Office for their line of cosmetic thick wall glass jars with symmetric child resistant closures.

In remarks during a recent announcement to employees and other stakeholders, Robert Lerman, President of eBottles.com declared that the company had been issued the design patent for their unique design which pairs child resistant closures with cosmetic thick wall glass jars.

The combination of the special neck finish tooled glass jars and smooth top child resistant closures yields a new cosmetic glass package capable of meeting the rigorous standards of the Poison Prevention Package Act with Re-securing Effectiveness per Code of Federal Regulations Title 16, Part 1700. The jar was created with the particular needs of the cannabis industry in mind.

Mr. Lerman declared that he was very proud...

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