Will Marijuana-Infused Chewing Gum Become a Recognized Medical Treatment?

The medicinal value of the cannabis plant is well-known and consistently under-valued by mainstream medicine. However, it seems that the medical industry is finally catching up and is beginning to accept that yes, a plant can indeed be medicine. Thousands of studies have demonstrated the plant’s clear medicinal value in a variety of conditions. Recognition of the plant’s benefits is continuing to garner steam, so much so that we may soon see it popping up for a number of uses. In fact, cannabis-laced chewing gum may even be on the market soon.

It was recently announced that Dutch researchers would be testing a United States-based company’s cannabis gum for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, which is commonly referred to simply as “IBS.” The study will be one of the first to analyze the potential effects that CBD — a cannabinoid of the marijuana plant– may have on IBS.


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